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I had to laugh when I read this article from The Telegraph entitled Texting is fostering bad grammar and spelling, researchers claim. Apparently the notion does not apply to teenagers exclusively, although I do not know the age of the writer of this piece. But I count at least three glaring spelling/grammar mistakes in the article, which is kind of ironic considering the subject. 

“Includes” is spelled wrong in the second paragraph. And the sentence just sort of ends. Not even a period. Sigh. Wonderful editing there, no?

Finally in the seventh sentence (I’m no longer calling them paragraphs because that just gives them more importance than they deserve) the use of the singular “text” is annoying; it’s either “texts” or “text messages”.

And there are probably more that I’m just not seeing. What has happened to spell check as a final step before publishing?

P.S. If you find any grammar or spelling mistakes in this post or indeed any of my posts please let me know. There are still people like me who care about things like that.  🙂

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