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Great post on dispatchfromla.com about re-reading past journals. I look back at mine on occasion, and I’ve been known to remove pages. But for the most part I leave them intact. I write what I need to write and if anyone reads them down the road they will know me and hopefully love me and understand.

The post also has some beautiful pictures of journals. And great quotes:

There are a lot of ways to be truthful and not all of them involve gut wrenching psychological poop storms.

The author makes a great point about looking in a mirror of sorts and seeing yourself through your own eyes, at 20, at 30, at 40. You can learn so much about yourself, how you handle things, what positive things you do, and how you sabotage yourself. You may see patterns emerging, which you can work on, depending on if you want to change the pattern or encourage it. Or you can write your truth and set it free, never looking at it again.

So whether you have a complete set of journals from age six onwards, or you have one book that will be destroyed as soon as you finish it, I hope you enjoy the process and are richer for it. Happy writing.