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As some of you know I have a small supply of ink, some of which have appeared in blog posts. I have a mixture of bottled ink and cartridges. I can’t say which I prefer – both have their advantages. I was keeping the ink all over the place until I reorganized my office. Now I have all my ink in one place: my ink cabinet.


The top shelf houses my Lamy ink in the middle, and my two bottles of Quink. The middle shelf holds my J. Herbin ink cartridge tins, and the bottom shelf has the rest of my cartridges on the left, my Akkerman bottle in the middle and a spice jar full of empty cartridges on the right. I want to buy an ink syringe so I can re-use the empty cartridges.


Here’s a bit of a close up. I realize now the dark ink against the dark wood does not make for a great picture but you get the idea. The lighter cartridge packages and tins make for an interesting contrast I hope.

The cabinet was a Christmas gift from my sister many, many years ago. I think it originally contained bath products or something like that. I kept the cabinet because I thought it was beautiful. It’s been keeping some figurines safe for me but I recently bought a curio shelf at an antique store and it is perfect them. That left this cabinet open for possibility, and I thought my ink would look nice in it, while still being kept out of direct sunlight.

I will post further updates as the collection grows, as I’m sure it will. I have 11 J. Herbin colours out of a possible 30, so there is definitely room for growth. And then there are the bottled J. Herbin inks!! I will need a bigger cabinet!  🙂