This week: A bad situation that turns out for the best.

As some of you know I am a big fan of Britain’s Royal family. My favorite Royals are Sophie and Edward, the Earl and Countess of Wessex. But in April of 2011 the only thing anyone was talking about was the Royal wedding of William and Catherine. I was very excited and had programmed the event and many lead-up shows into my PVR so that I wouldn’t miss a moment. I wouldn’t be able to watch it live because there was an off-site team-building event that my work was planning, which involved taking a bus to a swank hotel about 45 minutes outside the city and returning the next day – the same day of the wedding! I wanted to watch it live but I was also really looking forward to the work event.

About a week before the overnight trip I moved the wrong way and my back seized up. My scoliosis was diagnosed at the age of 16 and ever since I’ve had a weak back, prone to going out at all the wrong moments, like Christmas morning, weddings, vacations, etc. I’ve learned to live with it and also learned that, if ignored, will result in a much longer recovery time. So when my back started to fire warning shots across the bow, as it were, I consulted my chiropractor and doctor, who promptly wrote a note for my employer excusing me for a week from work. And of course that also meant excusing me from the work trip. I was pretty upset but I consoled myself with the fact that now I could watch the Royal Wedding as it happened.

So on that fateful morning I set my alarm for 4 am, made special tea I had ordered from Twinings in London, and tuned in to the most anticipated television event since Charles and Diana’s wedding in 1981. I had to stretch out on the floor to watch and it hurt to even breathe, but I was thrilled to be able to hear the bells of Westminster and watch Catherine in that beautiful dress marry her prince. Sophie and Edward were there too, along with dozens of other celebrity guests, royal and non-royal alike. And in that moment the big work party I was missing was the furthest thing from my thoughts.

Next week: Finding a bag of cash.

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