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I mentioned in my post of Apr 2 that I’m keeping a Zen Journal. I was really moved by some of the posts on Leo Babauta’s Zen Habits site, and I wanted to copy them down. I’m really interested in stress relief and meditation at the moment. I chose my Filofax Flex notebook, the one Anna Brim sent me in her giveaway in February. I’m really enjoying the simple act of copying out the posts – it’s like nutrition for my mind.

cover with pink band

I’ve added the pink band to keep it together.


I’ve added an empty notebook to the other side of the Flex for balance, and for extra space for notes.

first page

Love that quote from Thich Nhat Hanh.


I forgot (gasp!) to leave a few blank pages for a Table of Contents so I’m using the facing page to the first entry; hopefully I will have enough room. The green writing are my notes.

inside, adding color

I change the ink color every so often, to add some color. But I’m really liking the black ink on the cream paper. I’m using a Staedtler Cool Roller to write with.

So that’s a quick update on how I’m using the Filofax Flex, which I’m now calling my Zen Journal. If you haven’t visited Leo’s site you really should. Lots of great stuff there. I’m heading there now myself. 🙂