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Journal I’m currently using: Navy Blue Cross Journal

Total pages written since last JWW post (Apr 2): 11

Total pages to date since project inception (Dec 11/13): 233

Total pages written in 2014: 178

Total number of notebooks/pens/ink bought since self-imposed spending freeze (Jan 1/14): 3

  • 1 pen + 1 bottle of ink = 2 items in a gift set on Jan 14
  • 1 bottle of KoninginneNach-Blauw from Akkerman on Feb 5

Topics covered since last update:

  • Took the day off from work to accompany my friend to her eviction hearing. After just two minutes the judge found in her favor and suddenly the day became a fun day out with the girls 🙂
  • Happy to see my husband getting interviews, finally
  • Caught up with a co-worker who is expecting a baby any day now
  • Rediscovering some old friends: using my Coleto and Slicci pens. Interesting observation after using them for a few months: the Coletos seem to be more sturdy than the Sliccis. Two of my Sliccis have cracks in the barrel; the Coletos do not. Yet.
  • We submitted our income tax return electronically last night and it was announced this morning that the Canada Revenue Agency closed it’s public-facing website due to an “internet security vulnerability” known as the Heartbleed Bug. I phoned them today and of course they can tell me nothing. Fingers crossed our information was not compromised but only time will tell.

Until next week, happy writing!