This week: Finding a bag of cash.

If I found a bag of cash I would be so tempted to keep it. All of it. I’m just being honest. Money is tight in our household right now and I would be lying if I said I wouldn’t want to keep it. And I just might for a couple of days. But I know that eventually I would start thinking about the owner of it, like maybe it belongs to a group of nuns who run an orphanage, or maybe it’s money raised for a charity or fund-raiser. So I would have to do my best to find the owner, which might be easy or difficult, depending on the circumstances of where the bag was found. I would turn it over to the police, secretly hoping like crazy that there would be a reward or through some miracle I would be able to keep it. But the only way I would feel right about keeping it is if it somehow came to be rightfully mine.

What I would spend it on would of course depend on how much was there. If we are talking hundreds of dollars, I would pay off my credit card. If we are talking tens of thousands, I would pay off my line of credit. If we are talking hundreds of thousands, I would pay off my mortgage. And if it was into the millions goodbye job, hello plane tickets. We’d probably buy a condo on Vancouver Island and spend the rest of our days writing and making music. Yes, it’s a lovely dream.

Next week: Would you rather win the Nobel Prize or be a rock star?

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