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I’ve been seeing lots of videos and blog posts about what people carry with them every day. So I thought I would do one too. It’s about what I carry with me every day, an update on my planner, and kind of a “what’s in my bag” post as well. Some of these things I’ve talked about in previous blog posts, some stuff will be new.

laptop bag

This is my Lula Fashion Business laptop bag. When it doesn’t hold my work laptop it holds what my purse doesn’t.

inside laptop bag

Love the purple lining.

twilight pen roll

I carry my Cadence pens with me.

blue pencil case

This pencil case carries lip balm and my phone charger…but no pencils!

medicine bag

My medicine bag, which contains medication, wet wipes, a hand mirror and breath freshener.

cross journal

I carry my journal with me everywhere I go. The yellow pencil case is attached to the cover of the journal by a large elastic. I found it at a dollar store, believe it or not, and it works beautifully. A few more of my favorite fountain pens live in here. The Monteverde Prima and my Parker Urban are in the pen loops.


And here is my planner! We are still together! You recall I first started using this planner on December 1 of last year. I wanted to use this planner for all of 2014; I didn’t think I would make it this far. I must admit I’ve been feeling the “planner itch” as I’ve heard some call it; I’ve been reading about the Hobonichi Planners at Plannerisms and I feel tempted. One of my InCoWriMo penpals sent me some Tomoe River paper, which is the paper in the Hobonichi Planners, and it is wonderful. But I am going to stick with my Martha Stewart disc-bound system. It’s been working great since December so why change?

So that’s it for my laptop bag. I also carry my purse every day so I thought I would include that too.

roots purse

My current bag is the Roots Londoner. It is my second leather Roots bag and I really love it. It’s very roomy but if I try to put everything from my laptop bag into this bag it stretches the leather and is too heavy for my shoulder. So I split the weight up between the two.

lip gloss and ricola

In the zippered pockets on the front I keep lip gloss and Green Tea and Echinacea Ricola.

black change purse

My change purse.

filofax wallet

My Filofax wallet is a green chameleon. I found it at my local Reid’s Stationers on sale. I can see why lots of people use it as a wallet; I’ve been using it without incident for over a year.


For as long as I can remember I’ve carried a Rosary in my purse. This one I picked up at our local church.

toffeenut notebook

Remember my Toffeenut Planner? I didn’t actually end up using the planner but I do still have the case. I found small notebooks that fit it perfectly so I carry it around with me just in case I need to make some notes that wouldn’t normally go in my Cross journal (like directions or my grocery list).


And finally my sunglasses, which I’m realizing kinda match the color of my bag.

And that’s it! I hope this wasn’t too terribly boring. I’m always interested in other people’s bags and what they carry every day. Would love to see what you carry!