This week: Thoughts on your favorite pet’s personality.



Gracie is affectionately known as our little lemon. We suspect not all the wires are connected in her head. But she is a sweetie and we couldn’t imagine our lives without her.

Gracie is driven by warmth and affection. She is a lapcat and loves her electric blanket. She is very interested in whatever I bring home and put on the kitchen table; she must investigate everything and mark it by rubbing her cheeks against it. She likes to get up with the sun and thinks everyone in the household should do the same. We do not hear her very often, in stark contrast to her sister; however when she does make a sound it is to signify something important like treat time or cuddle time. Her tail is her favorite toy, although her favorite game is what’s under the blanket; she is continually shocked to find it is only my hand. She is not a destroyer of clothes or shoes but can convey displeasure by conveniently forgetting where her litter box is. She has her favorites with her humans, and we have discovered certain patterns; she loves to sit in Dad’s lap and gives him kisses (licking his nose) willingly. However at bedtime it is Mom she seeks out for cuddles and reassurance, and usually no amount of coaxing will produce a kiss. At best it is a half-hearted semi-lick designed to oblige me in the hopes I will stop being so demanding and go back to my assigned role of chief ear scratcher. 

Ten years ago this December she came to live with us. The four-month old kitten was to be a surprise for my husband; he was less than pleased at not being consulted but soon came round. Now she is his baby Gracie girl and caters to her every whim; she is completely devoted in turn. And if you ask me who makes a towel-nest for her every morning on my vanity so she can nestle while I shower I will deny all knowledge. 

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