A good friend of mine was recently in Istanbul and she found this beauty and thought of me. She said she and her husband had a lot of fun in the store, picking it out; it was a quiet refuge in the bustle of the market.

It’s so beautiful I was reluctant to stick it in a bottle of ink. Bear in mind I have no idea how to use a calligraphy pen. But I wanted to share the results.

wooden pen

The pen. Really beautiful wood.

pen on its side

Close-up of the nib (and cat hair on my pad of paper I see!). The wood is cut in a special way to create the squared-off nib.

pen and ink

You knew it was going to be the Akkerman ink.


The results! The e and a are low points, obviously, but I’m happy with the other letters, considering this is my first try ever with a calligraphy pen. I especially like the lower case h. Look at that shading! Love it. I found I had to dip the pen in the ink each time I wanted to make a stroke; I’m sure that’s probably normal with these types of pens. I really love how rich and dark the ink looks and then thins out toward the end of the stroke.

Thank you Kerri and Mike for this thoughtful gift; I treasure it!