Next week: The worst thing that could happen.

I’m stumped by this. When I start thinking about this topic I think about the worst thing for me, or for my family, or for my city, or for the country or for the world. Which one to focus on? And I don’t want to think about the natural progression of the worst thing that could happen for any of those situations. For me it might be losing one of my limbs, or my sight. For my family it could be financial ruin or debilitating illness. For the city it could be a natural disaster or an unrelenting crime wave. For my country it could be dire economic crisis or an act of terrorism. For the world it could be global warming or the extinction of dozens of animal species. So when I was thinking through how I would write even one of those scenarios, all I could think about was the positive side of each of them. There is always a positive side, even to losing a limb or having a fragile species finally disappear from the world (although it’s hard to see the positive side of that – survival of the fittest maybe?) I just keep concluding that any “worst thing” can be overcome, can be adapted to, can be survived and made better by the experience. 

Maybe I’m wimping out on the topic for today. But the worst thing that could happen is to become incapable of seeing the bright side. 

Next week: The best thing that could happen

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