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I’ve talked about the Paperblanks Ananda Mini before, in this post. I mentioned in passing that I was using it as an Ink Journal, and I thought tonight I would go into a bit more detail.

cover of ink journal

The Ananda Mini cover. I’ve added tabs for inks I want to try and pens I want to try/buy.

1st page of ink journal

My first page. It will probably go beyond 2014. Currently I have 13 pens and I usually keep the same ink in the same pen so I doubt I will fill this up in just one year.

sample page of ink journal

As I change the ink I cross the entry off and add the new ink entry at the end.

So that’s about it for the Ink Journal. Really handy, especially for my Cadence pens because they look exactly alike.

Moving on to a bit of excitement: tonight I finished my Cross journal and officially moved into my Amarcord Embossed Italian Journal. Very exciting!

italian journal cover

You’ve seen this journal before, in this post. I had a comment on the original post asking how the paper handles fountain pen ink and so far, beautifully.

quote page of italian journal

I like to start a new journal with a quote. This is not fountain pen ink, it is a rollerball. But I used fountain pen ink on the next page.

1st page of italian journal

I used my Parker Urban for this page and there is no bleed through or feathering. I think the paper will take fountain pen ink really well. I will do an ink test in greater detail on the last page of the book.

pen attached to italian journal

I was worried about how I would attach my pen to the notebook, as it does not have a pen loop. I have a spare Leuchtturm pen loop but I can’t use it again once the book is filled. My Parker Urban clips very nicely at the edge of the fold and when it is closed does not affect the pages at all.

So now I’m off to bed and some more writing in my new journal.