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Last weekend I had an uncontrollable urge to draw squares. 🙂 So I found myself drawing calendars and grids in two 8×5 notebooks that fit perfectly into my Filofax Flex, which used to house a blank journal and my Zen journal. I still have those but I love this Filofax Flex so much I wanted to use it everyday. I thought I might try this planner configuration for awhile.

flex planner open

I first talked about these notebooks in this post; I picked them up in Edmonton when I went to the Diana exhibit. They fit the Flex perfectly. One of the reasons I wanted to use this is I missed having my financial info with me when I’m at work. So the notebook on the left contains all my banking information.

bill payments for the year

On the first page I track each bill payment each month. Underneath the sticky is a vertical list of all the bills to be paid. Across the grid I record how much is paid on each bill each month.

transaction log

On the second page and subsequent pages I will have a detailed transaction list of all my banking. I’m fairly organized but sometimes I can miss the odd bill so I like to have this with me so I can check things when I’m at work.

month on two pages

The notebook on the right is the planner. Here is one of the month pages.

week on two pages

And here is one of the week pages. I had a Moleskine planner a few years ago that used this system of having the weekly calendar on the left hand side and a blank page on the right for notes and lists. I loved that system and have longed to go back to it ever since. The drawback with the Molekskine design, in my opinion, is that all of the months are together in the front of the book and the weeks are at the back. The constant back and forth was, to me, annoying. This way I can have the month layout followed by the four weeks and then another month layout. Perfect!