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On Saturday my sister and I went to the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel for afternoon tea. I had never been and I wanted to experience it, but also treat her because her birthday is coming up. It was a whole day experience, and it was amazing.

We arrived at the hotel and found the Rundle Lounge where tea is served. We were shown to our table and just sat there, looking at the stunning views.


The view from our table.


We ordered our tea and I noticed each table had a timer for exactly 3 minutes of steeping time. I must mention this to the Fairmont Palliser next time I go; they should have the same. Brilliant idea.

happiness journal

The Happiness Journal came along too, of course.

3 tiers

The food was delicious, beautifully presented and the company was the best I could wish for. As I said, it was her birthday, and I treated her to tea as well as a present. Turns out she had presents for me as well! Souvenirs from her recent trip to England. Oh she knows me so well.

james herriot bookmark and bag

I love bookmarks and I adore James Herriot. The books are wonderful, and the television series based on them, All Creatures Great and Small, is exceptional. My sister bought me the boxed set as a teenager.

pope cards

More goodies! The two holy cards are Saint Pope John Paul II. One is to commemorate his canonization and the other features a piece of cloth that has been touched to his relics. The Castle Howard square item is actually a hard plastic notebook with a pen attached. Castle Howard is a private home in England that is open to the public for tours. It is also the location of the 1981 television adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s Brideshead Revisited featuring a very young Jeremy Irons. Fantastic series (and later a film in 2008 shot at the same location) and one of my sister’s favourite books/films. Mine too!

inside notebook

Inside the Castle Howard notebook. Great for carrying around in my purse. And the pen (so tiny!) isn’t half bad either.

And what is in the green case, you wonder…

pen case closeup

Well we know it’s from Harrod’s, that iconic British store…

inside pen case pens tucked

Pens!!! Not one but two!!! One is a ballpoint and the other a rollerball. Aren’t they gorgeous? Very vintage looking I think.

inside pen case pens raised

Omigosh I’m in love. I couldn’t wait to get them home and try them out in my Blue Filigree journal.

ballpoint and writing

I chose Brideshead quotes to test out each pen. The ballpoint is a very smooth writer with no skips or blots. I’m sure it takes refills but I can’t quite figure out how to open it; I will take it to Reid’s and have an expert look at it. Don’t want to break it!

rollerball and writing

And the rollerball is truly a dream; crisp, sharp and smooth. I was easily able to open this one up and it takes Schmidt refills. Again I’m sure the good folks at Reid’s will be able to assist when the time comes.

So that was our Saturday. Treats for both of us! I hope she felt as spoiled as I did. A truly magical day.

And on our way out of the castle…I mean hotel…..