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So my total items purchased this year went from a respectable 7 to a whopping 19 in my last JWW post. I thought I would tackle the pens first.

5 new pens

Maybe I should have counted this as two items instead of five, but whatever. I couldn’t resist four pens for a buck! They are Pentel BK71E E Superb; I’ve never heard of them before but they write very nicely. Just regular ballpoints but incredibly smooth on Rhodia paper. The other pen is another Online pen but this one is a rollerball. In November 2013 I mentioned my J. Herbin rollerball and it has since cracked it’s casing and is a little tricky to use these days. So I was in the market for another one and my friend and I spied some beautiful pink and purple and blue ones and this is the one I picked. It also writes super smoothly but is a bit of a gusher with the ink.

pink ink sample

Here is a writing sample with the Pentel. Pink ink for a pink pen!

online writing sample

And here is a writing sample with the rollerball, into which I’ve put the J. Herbin ink, Larmes de Cassis, “Tears of Blackcurrant”. It’s a beautiful colour ink and you can really see the shading in this example.

online pen closeup 2

Here’s a closeup of the rollerball. Very pretty isn’t it? I’m really loving it.

The Larme de Cassis cartridges were also part of the Reid’s shopping spree, along with two other J. Herbin inks: Eclat de Saphir and Rouge Caroubier.

3 j herbin tins

I do not have the Rouge Caroubier in any pen at the moment; perhaps when the Orange Indien runs out I will ink up my Visconti with this one. The Larmes Cassis as we just discussed is in the Online rollerball and I put one of the Eclat de Saphir cartridges in my Jinhao X450, which I recently picked up on ebay. I will discuss her in more detail in another post, but her barrel is what I think of as Sapphire blue so I thought the Eclat de Saphir would be the perfect colour for her. But it’s not, at least not to my eye.

saphir writing sample

This is the colour for Eclat de Saphir. But it looks more like a dark purple to me; it’s almost black. I know you can’t see the barrel colour in this shot but I compared this ink with the ink sample sheet I printed off the internet. I’m not sure which ink this most closely resembles in the J. Herbin line.

comparison 5

When compared to the sample sheet it doesn’t look like Eclat de Saphir; it’s closer to Bleu Nuit.

comparison 4

Not quite Poussiere de Lune either.

comparison 3

I thought maybe the Violette Pensee. But no. And then I noticed that my Bleu Nuit tin is right next to my Eclat de Saphir tin. So maybe in my excitement I mixed up the cartridges. I guess I will have to wait until this ink is used up and try again.

So that’s it for the pens and ink from my shopping spree at Reid’s. I will do another post on the notebooks I bought, as well as a post on the Jinhao, which will be added to the list of purchases on the next JWW.

Until then, happy writing.