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The weather has its own methods of screwing up people’s ideas of how they can outwit it.

Bonus post for you today as I missed one last night. Below is a beautiful video put out by the UNESCO Fundy Biosphere Reserve showing the power and value of a couple’s 30+ years of observing and chronicling weather, flora and fauna patterns. The couple are from my part of the world, and the shots of their farm house and property bring a flash of home for me as I watch. Their collective journals have been studied by environmental students at Mount Allison and definite trends emerge from the analysis of their data. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did; as soon as it was over I went outside, took photos of my irises which are glorious this year, and filled up my bird feeders. It’s all about paying attention to what’s going on in your backyard.

…calendars, journals, or even scribbles on the back of a barn door…all hold value.