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On June 22 I posted about the pens I bought at Reid’s Stationers on June 14. Now I want to share the notebooks I picked up on that trip.

cross journal

I’ll start with the Cross Journal. It is exactly the same journal as my previous Navy Cross Journal, except for having a leather cover. Sorry for the glare in the photo but I haven’t taken the protective plastic coating off yet. I tend to keep the plastic on until I start to write in it, because sometimes I change my mind and give it away. I bought the Navy Cross Journal over Christmas last year, and they had a big display of them in the store. This time it was very difficult to find them, as they only had a few left, and they were in a glass display case. My friend and I both bought one. The cover is not as dinged up as it looks; those marks are on the plastic only.

Next up is a Jane Austen Novel Journal by Chronicle Books, which I’ve never seen before.

austen cover

I instantly fell in love with the cover, with it’s beautiful fountain pen and ink well. It’s 7.5 x 5.25″ and is cloth bound.

austen inside

Love the end papers: butterflies, Jane’s profile and initials, quotes, cups of tea and what do you think? Umbrellas? Flowers?

austen page

Front page.

austen double spread

An example of a two-page spread. Sorry that it’s blurry but the quote is “I did not then know what it was to love,” Willoughby, Sense and Sensibility.

austen fountain pen

I’m going to enjoy writing in different directions on these pages!

austen back cover

The back cover. Gasp, you can see the price! Oh well. Worth every penny, especially when it’s going on a gift card LOL

Next up, a small planner holder that was on clearance, meaning it was completely irresistible.

quo vadis cover

It’s a Quo Vadis Business Agenda Planning Diary for 2014. I bought it because it’s refillable. I doubt that I will buy the same refill for it next year; I’m thinking just plain notebooks would better serve me in this. I like the size and that it has a pen loop.

qv business planner

The paper is beautiful, which Quo Vadis is known for. It is a weekly planner without any monthly or daily pages. It also came with a separate little book for addresses. Currently I need to track my blood pressure so it’s perfect for that. My Slicci and Coleto pens love this paper.

I also bought two Clairefontaine notebooks that would fit it.

clairefontaine journals

They are a little small but will fit. And of course Clairefontaine have fountain pen-friendly paper as well.

And last but certainly not least a strange little cloth covered notebook holder that was sitting in the passport holder section.

247 cover

I have tried googling “twenty four seven” and “24 seven” to no avail. So if any of you have any info I would appreciate it.

I find it difficult to resist cloth covered notebook holders; see Botanical Slipcover Journal, Blooming Journal, and Toffeenut Planner. This little guy was also on clearance so was, of course, completely irresistible to me.

247 notebook

I suppose there is room on the left for my passport (which would explain why it was sitting with other passport holders) but passport holder doesn’t immediately spring to mind when I look at this. The notebook is a thick one, lots of space to jot down notes. The back flap fits snugly under into the cloth pocket. The notebook is ruled and the paper is fine but nothing special.

247 pen loop

It has a pen loop which is great but I must admit those elastic bits on each corner flummox me. I’m guessing they are there to keep the cover closed but when removed they seem to get tangled up with the pen and generally get in the way. I have to flip them round in order to open the notebook. Strange design.

247 zippered pouch

And on the back of the notebook there is a zippered pocket, which could hold paper money, change, bus tickets, etc. Such a cute little package, it had to come home with me.

So there is the latest crop of Reid’s products. I had so much fun that day; Reid’s is one-of-a-kind and always fun to visit. Support your locally-run businesses!