The topic for this week: What a character wearing something red is thinking.

“This is exactly what I need,” thought Ellen as she approached the cafe at the end of the block. She’d been on her feet all day, waiting on customers in the busiest department store in the city. She had earned a sit down and a cup of tea.

She ordered an Earl Grey latte, large, and sat down with it at one of the outdoor tables. She loved to watch people as they hurried past, on their way to an appointment, a meeting, a rendezvous. Often she would sketch people as they walked by, so intent on their own little lives they took no notice of the girl in the red sweater drawing in her notebook. Once she had seen a man propose to his girlfriend, right in front of her practically, and what an amazing picture she had drawn of them. At least she thought it was amazing; no one else had ever seen it so no one else’s opinion mattered.

On days when she worked until 5 she allowed herself to sit here for an hour or so, imagining stories behind the faces who appeared in her pages. Each one had a rich and exciting tale to tell, so very different from her own life. Wistfully she watched lovers greet each other, husbands and wives meet up before heading to the bus that would take them home. Men running with bouquets of flowers, to present to their wives at home, in penance or celebration she would never know. No such welcome awaited her in the small apartment she rented on the west side of the city; no phone calls would break the silence of her evening. So she sketched, and maybe ordered another cup of tea, to keep the loneliness at bay for a little while longer.

Next week: Your favorite moment in film.

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