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I was fooling around with my ARC hole punch today and made a custom notebook for a game I’m playing at the moment. It involves the care and feeding of dragons and there is a lot of information to remember. I didn’t want to use one of my many empty journals as I don’t know how long I will be interested in this game and I would hate to “waste” a journal on my notes for a game I no longer play. My ARC rings, some scrapbooking paper and my ARC hole punch solved that problem.


Here’s a close up of the cover. I found the old dragon map online and the egg sticker I already had in my collection.


It is an unusual size; it was dictated by the size of scrapbooking paper I wanted to use. I put purple lined paper and blank, brown craft paper in it, cut to size.


I also used different scrapbooking paper for the dividers, with tabs at the top.


The rings are probably too big but they are the smallest ones I have.

When I finished this notebook I started putting together Ray Blake’s Monthly PlanPack. Ray Blake is a wonderful artist who has many, many free printables on his website, My Life All in One Place. He also makes Midori-style notebooks for sale. I bought one and wrote about it in this post in October of last year. This PlanPack was super easy to print and trim.


Here is the cover I created for the insert. I didn’t cut the edges properly so some of them stick out, but it doesn’t bother me. And it’s brand new so it doesn’t lay flat yet.


The printable produces two booklets. It starts with a blank month.


Followed by 6 blank weekly layouts.


And then the rest of the booklet is devoted to lists for whatever you choose.


I am not planning to jump into this format right away; I’m happy with my Flex Planner. But I have a lot of fun putting these type of things together and it might come in useful if I move into a smaller purse (which I dream about but never actually happens). Check out Ray’s selection; he makes truly professional-looking and incredibly useful printables for your Midori or Midori-style notebook covers, in a variety of sizes.