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I’ve been reading Writing Down Your Soul by Janet Conner, along with her companion book, My Soul Pages. Janet walks you through getting in touch with “the Voice”, which is whatever you conceive a higher power to be in your life. Essentially you ritualize your journal time, committing to journaling at the same time every day for a certain period, and following the same steps every time, to “tune in” to the Voice and have a soulful conversation. Her theory is that everyone needs someone to listen, to really listen, while we speak about what’s on our mind, what’s worrying us, what’s holding us back. And that is extremely difficult to find in conversation with friends and family. Even if we have a professional listener in our lives, they cost money and usually are only available for a short time.

Despite our deep human need to connect, we stop speaking our truth because the price for expressing ourselves fully and completely is too often the reduction or removal of love or the heartbreaking experience of watching it slip through our fingers before it’s even begun.

And when we feel we are being listened to, amazing things happen. Through our writing we will not only get in touch with the Voice but we will have a conversation; answers to our questions will come through in our writing. Janet’s steps are very specific; you must commit to:

  • where you will write
  • when you will write
  • statement of intention, which is essentially your opening statement to the conversation, usually a prayer or a blessing
  • prewriting reading material (optional)
  • chosen salutation
  • opening writing ritual

I’m only halfway through the book and already it has inspired me to follow the program for a month, and I am choosing the upcoming month of September to do this. The commitment can be as little as 10 minutes a day. I think it will be very interesting to see what happens and what I can learn. Due to the personal nature of this exercise I will not be sharing the journal pages/topics here, nor will I be including the page count in my weekly journal writing post. But I will give an update at least once during the month to let you know how it’s going. If you are interested both books are available on Amazon.