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As some of you know I frequent the forum on fpgeeks.com. In the Notebook Covers thread a user named Michael posted pictures of some leather notebook covers he was working on. I saw this purple leather and fell in love.


I contacted Michael and he was willing to make me one, in my preferred size (8.5 x 5.5) and with the capability of holding 3 notebooks. And he chronicled his work in the Notebook Covers thread, which was very cool. I contacted Michael on June 7 and had the finished product in my hands on July 14.


The finished product! Of course it was empty when it arrived but Michael measured it to fit my preferred notebooks exactly (with overhang so the notebooks don’t slip out the side).


I love the “hand made” charm he attached to the spine.


The inside is a beautiful turquoise-y green, which I was also able to choose. I told Michael I wanted to keep a maximum of three notebooks in the cover so he sent me an extra piece of elastic for the extra two booklets. Even though I’ve covered this before I thought I would go over how to insert three notebooks into a cover of this style.


Here you can see two of the notebooks attached with the elastic threaded through the middle of each book. Both books then lay flat, next to each other. Treating the notebooks as one unit, it slides under the attached elastic in the notebook cover.


And in the photo above you can see I’m sliding the third notebook underneath the attached elastic, so that the elastic will sit in the middle of the third notebook. When closed all three will sit perfectly.


I really love this notebook and it was delightful working with Michael to customize it. He is a real gem, a meticulous craftsman and enthusiastic innovator who will try his best to accommodate even the craziest design. He’s also very honest about what he can and cannot do and often just jumps in and tries anyway. He redid the green on the inside cover twice before he was happy with it. If you are interested I wholeheartedly recommend him and encourage you to contact him on the fountain pen geeks forum. Michael if you are reading this, thanks again!!