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Journals I’m currently using: the Paperblanks Blue Filigreethe Happiness Journal and the Winnable Leather Journal

Total pages written since last JWW post (Aug 13): 30

Total pages to date since project inception (Dec 11/13): 552

Total pages written in 2014: 497

Total number of notebooks/pens/ink bought since self-imposed spending freeze (Jan 1/14): 23

  • 1 pen + 1 bottle of ink = 2 items in a gift set on Jan 14
  • 1 bottle of KoninginneNach-Blauw from Akkerman on Feb 5
  • 1 Visconti Rembrandt Calligraphy set in Red = 2 items (pen and ink bottle) from Goldspot on May 15
  • 1 bottle of J. Herbin Bleu Pervenche from Goldspot on May 15
  • 1 bottle of De Atramentis Heather Violet from Goldspot on May 15
  • 5 pens, 4 notebooks, 3 tins of ink cartridges from Reid’s on June 14
  • 1 Jinhao X450 from ebay; received on June 19
  • 1 bottle of De Atramentis William Shakespeare ink from Goulet Pens; received on June 25
  • 1 Winnable Leather Notebook on July 10
  • 1 Wreck This Journal on Aug 2

Some topics covered this week:

  • Is it just me or is the world becoming a colder and ruder place? I had two encounters with SUPER rude people this week with the ultimate result of making me incredibly sad that such behaviour exists. I won’t go into details but good manners elevate us as human beings so what do you say, let’s try them out? Thank you.
  • Patiently waiting for word from Wonderpens.ca that my Monteverde Prima in Purple is in! Then I’m going on a little spending spree so I can take advantage of their free shipping on orders over $100.
  • I’ve been doing some research and most of the birds invading my garden these days for the bird seed buffet are House Sparrows. Halley and I love watching them but it seems they are considered a bit of a pest in most areas. Oh well I like them, and Halley loves her bird tv.
  • A friend told me she is using a journal I gave her last Christmas to record the beautiful moments in her life; she’s writing so much her hand is cramping! I’m so incredibly happy for her, because she deserves a bucket load of beautiful. 🙂
  • Remember my Akkerman ink? Back in March I posted about filling my Manuscript Pen with Akkerman ink and how well it performed after that fill. Well I haven’t used that pen in a long time, maybe even since that fill, and this week I unscrewed the cap and wow, there was no hard starting and no skipping. And that pen used to jam on me all the time with the original ink. Just another reason to love Akkerman ink.
  • I can’t remember if I mentioned we had the gift of graffiti presented to us on the back side of our fence. I phoned the City’s graffiti removal program and it took them less than a week to remove it! We couldn’t believe it. Well done City of Calgary.
  • My husband and I were talking about the passions that define us. We agreed that when you wake up in the morning and you can’t wait to do a certain thing, that’s your passion. I read that somewhere and it’s so true. I wake up anxious to get into my journal. He wakes up anxious to get into his studio and make music. If only we didn’t have to go to work!

Until next week, happy writing!