The topic for this week: Your favourite moment in film.

My favourite film is Truly Madly Deeply, written and directed by Anthony Minghella, released in 1990, and starring Alan Rickman and Juliet Stevenson. It is a film abut letting go of the past. I have watched it many times. This film ignited my love for the poetry of Pablo Neruda and the films of Anthony Minghella.

Nina (Stevenson) and Jamie (Rickman) fall in love. Theirs is a deep and everlasting bond. When Jamie dies unexpectedly Nina finds herself quite unable to move on with her life. The movie opens approximately one year after Jamie’s death, and we find Nina crying her eyes out in her therapist’s office. A few days later Jamie returns, as a ghost, along with his buddy ghosts, to watch movies, to avoid catching colds, and ultimately to help Nina and Jamie say goodbye to each other.

My favourite moment in the film is when Nina confronts Jamie about the demands he and his friends are making on her and we see Nina struggling to reconcile the annoying Jamie, whose irritating habits she has forgotten, with the Jamie she has longed for all this time; with the past and the present. And wouldn’t you know it other people enjoy this scene too, as I learned when I found it on Youtube: 

The poetic bits are from The Dead Woman, by Pablo Neruda. Here is the poem in full:

The Dead Woman

If suddenly you do not exist,
if suddenly you no longer live,
I shall live on.

I do not dare,
I do not dare to write it,
if you die.

I shall live on.

For where a man has no voice,
there, my voice.

Where blacks are beaten,
I cannot be dead.
When my brothers go to prison
I shall go with them.

When victory,
not my victory,
but the great victory comes,
even though I am mute I must speak;
I shall see it come even
though I am blind.

No, forgive me.
If you no longer live,
if you, beloved, my love,
if you have died,
all the leaves will fall in my breast,
it will rain on my soul night and day,
the snow will burn my heart,
I shall walk with frost and fire and death and snow,
my feet will want to walk to where you are sleeping, but
I shall stay alive,
because above all things
you wanted me indomitable,
and, my love, because you know that I am not only a man
but all mankind.

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