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When I started this blog I wanted a Filofax planner very badly. But I was put off by the price. I watched hundreds of videos (it seemed like hundreds) of set-ups and decorations of all the myriad kinds of planners Filofax offers. I resolved to get one, but not through purchasing; through winning. There were a lot of contests and I entered every one. With no results. And then I saw an ad on ebay for this Filofax and I bought it. I love the colour but the size is an issue for me. I am an 8.5 x 5.5 girl so only an A5 would do. But still my budget could not stretch that far. So I waited. And entered contests. I won a Filofax Flex from Mrs. Brimbles and I have been using it as my planner for quite some time now. It’s great. But it wasn’t quite what I wanted.

So I entered more contests. And watched sales. And a month ago my vigilance paid off.

Pens and Leather had a sale (and it continues now but with less drastic discounts) on some of their Filofax planners. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the A5 Finsbury in Raspberry on sale or less than half the normally advertised price. I thought about it for less than five seconds and placed my order. I had to pay quite a lot for shipping but it was still cheaper than the exact same model at my local stationery shop. It arrived fairly quickly and I love it. I now understand what all the fuss is about.


The picture really captures the colour – a beautiful deep pink. It didn’t come in a box; I understand Filofax is no longer sending them boxed. But it did come wrapped in protective plastic, which I turned into dividers. The planner charm is my own.


Here’s a close up of that planner charm. I bought the tree charm at Michael’s and the bird charm at Suzi Q Beadworks. I think they look great together.



Inside the front cover. I’ve had some fun with decorations but nothing too crazy. The card in the mesh pocket reads Your attitude determines your altitude. I love the bird paperclips and thought they looked good in the pockets. I’ve seen lots of post-its notes and page flags stored here but I think it makes for a bulky cover so I’ve left it bare for now.

There are two pen loops but they are made of leather as opposed to elastic, which makes for a very narrow loop. Neither my Slicci pens nor my Coletos fit in the slots. And forget about getting a fountain pen in there. But that’s ok, because I should mention I will not be using this binder as my daily planner. The leather is soft and impressionable. I don’t want it knocking around in my bag with my other stuff. And it’s big and awkward for daily carry. No it will stay at home while I continue to use my Filofax Flex planner for every day.


The first page. Sorry for the glare and some blurry bits.


A couple of the dividers I made from the plastic packaging. Waste nothing! And the floral bookmark is the lining from a package of stickers. I thought it was pretty and fit with the general pink theme.

One great thing was I discovered my old Day Timer inserts as well as my ARC notebook page protectors would fit, I just had to punch new holes in them. Filofax accessories are hard to find and expensive so I was delighted to find I could use some inserts I already had.


Some more dividers I made myself. I bought some inexpensive duotang covers and traced dividers onto them, cut them out and punched them. I will not be investing in a Filofax custom six hole punch (budget only stretches so far) but a simple single hole punch works just as well, if you take your time.

So far I’m keeping household and personal information in here, like addresses, medications for the family, passwords, lists of improvements that need to be done to the house. I haven’t figured out everything I want to keep in here but I’m in no rush. I do have a tendency to “come late to the party” as it were; I do a lot of research before I buy a big-ticket item (and this one cost more than I generally pay for a planner, so I consider it big-ticket).

I’m having a lot of fun organizing the information and seeing how I can track a multitude of different things in it. As I said I still love my Flex Planner and will continue to use it, as well as my ARC notebooks and various other journals I own. But this marked a real milestone for me, because I had been yearning for one in this size for so long. And when a very, very, very good deal presented itself I took advantage. As I said previously Pens and Leather are still running their sale, and the discounts are still worth investigating. Have fun if you do go looking. 🙂