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I spent the day with my lovely sister and she treated me to a birthday brunch. She has truly spoiled me of late (see A Souvenir of Iceland and an Inkwell) and today was a continuation. My life is truly blessed and I am extremely grateful.

So in addition to a scrumptious brunch at Lougheed House she gave me an amazing present. First I will show you the beautiful box.


And inside was a beautiful dip pen with stand and glass inkwell.


Isn’t it gorgeous?! I am in love. It’s from Nostalgic Impressions (www.nostalgicimpressions.com) and my sister bought it at a Renaissance Fair. Looks like my dip pen collection is growing! See A Dip Pen From Italy and Wooden Calligraphy Pen. This set comes with two nibs, both of which seem to me to be extra fine. And they appear to be two different metals but not sure what. One is silver-coloured and one is gold-coloured.


The silver one says Leonard 300 England and the gold one says Leonard IIIEF England.


Here is a closeup of the inkwell and the detail on the base of the stand. I guess for certain ink bottles this could be a good decanting vessel when the ink level goes below what the pen can access. But I use a needle to fill my pens so I doubt I will ever use this inkwell in that way.


I inked up the silver nib with Akkerman Koninginne Nach-Blauw and did an ink test. It’s extremely scratchy and produced a very fine line. As with the other dip pens I’ve tried I felt like I could snap the nib at any moment. With practice I’m sure I will get used to it.


At the end of “Akkerman” I felt the ink was running out so I re-dipped.

Then I put the gold nib in and dipped it in De Atramentis Heather Violet.


Truthfully I didn’t see that much difference in the results. The gold nib was ever so slightly less scratchy than the silver. Both produced super fine lines. I did not feel I had to re-dip this time.

If you are wondering the nibs slide easily into the body of the pen. There is a claw-like mechanism inside that grabs the nib and holds it firmly.


Sorry for the blurriness but I tried to get a closeup of the nib holding mechanism and this was the best of the bunch.


I think this will be the home of the ink stand, at least for now. I have the glass inkwell on my desk and I don’t really have the room at the moment. I pile things for a few weeks while I’m working on them and when I can’t stand it any more I clear the desk of all but the essentials. Even with just the essentials I don’t think this ink stand would be showcased like it should be. Not to mention it would be irresistible to the cats, either to knaw on the end of the pen or knock the ink well over. I think it looks striking against the mostly cream background of the tower of boxes so it will live here for the moment. I’m sure the cats could jump up here but I think it would involve too much effort. I’m hoping anyway!

Thank you again to the greatest sister in the world (gush gush I know) who knows me so well. I treasure these items but more importantly I treasure you. 🙂