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I wanted to share some of the amazing gifts I received for my birthday this year.


Journal, pen and sticky notes – my favourite things!


First up is this gorgeous aqua journal from Indigo. The cover is leather and suede-like to the touch. It looks like a hard cover but it’s kind of in between hard and soft – it’s kinda bendy but not too much, just right. I love the calligraphy alphabet motif and the colour. And it has TWO bookmarks which is totally awesome.


I’m using my letter opener to spotlight my initial!


The journal has white, lined paper and is super smooth. I will do an ink test when I move into it. It’s 9.75″ tall and 7″ wide. Wonderful. I love it.

The same person bought me a bunch of post-it notes too (she knows me so well!)


I love anything and everything with cats on it. I only have two cats but I am a crazy cat lady and proud of it! These post-its notes are great, with images from Venice in a sort of watermark behind the stylish feline.




I love the bright colours and shapes of these post-its. I must remember to take them into work – anything to brighten up those boring documents!


My mother-in-law gave me this beautiful, wee Phasha journal. Isn’t it darling? I do love Phasha journals and I don’t have this size. I was thrilled with it. It came in a jolly pink box and was accompanied by a gift card for Indigo! Very spoiled.


Here you can clearly see the signatures and how it’s bound.


That beautiful woven paper! Such wonderful journals and such a great company to support.

And finally for today – this lovely pen! My friend just got back from England and she brought me this for my birthday.


When I was in London in 2009 we did not make it to Harrod’s, except for the location at the airport. We had a jam-packed itinerary and Harrod’s had to be sacrificed for a future trip. So I adore anything with the name on it and well, it’s a pen so it ticks all the boxes!


Great box and the pen is a super smooth writer (it can be forgiven for being a ballpoint). I really like the ink colour. No skips or blots – a joy to use!


I carefully took the tape off the packaging and added it to my journal. It’s a very thick, high quality tape and I love the various images of London, especially the little Harrod’s bag.


A close-up of the tape. Love it!

Thank you to everyone alluded to here – you know who you are – for being so generous and thoughtful. I am blessed. 🙂