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I really enjoyed watching Rhomany’s video on the Really Big Notebook from productiveluddite.com. I visited their website and they have some really great notebooks which they ship anywhere for free. And – if you buy a notebook they plant ten trees. How cool is that?

I watched SBRE Brown’s video called Time for Some Kind Words for the Pen Habit and it made me sad. Matt puts so much production value into his videos and it’s disheartening that negative voices on YouTube made him feel so bad about what he was doing. Be sure to read his touching blog post to get the full picture about why he is taking a hiatus from posting videos. I applaud him for taking control of his life.

And I know I tend to flog this idea to death, but here is yet another article from Ryman Blog on why writing by hand helps you to remember things and to study better and just to be a better person all round.

Until next time, happy writing!