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I’ve been contemplating buying a few more Pilot Coletos, and I realized I’ve never actually shown my entire Pilot Coleto/Pentel Slicci multipen collection. I’m a bit embarrassed because I have over a dozen Slicci and four Coleto multipens. And a veritable ton of refills.


I bought a lot of these supplies at stationeryart.com which I mentioned previously in this post. The web page went offline for a bit and the Facebook page closed down so I thought they were finished. However tonight I visited the web page and it is back. Yay! I thought for a brief, shining moment they had taken down the website to replenish stock but no. Sigh. I have found a brilliant ebay seller in Japan who sells the Coletos and the refills, and she offers free shipping. I’ve bought my last 3 from her. The Sliccis are harder to find. JetPens offers them but I don’t want to pay shipping. I continue the search on ebay for Slicci refills but actually when I was laying them all out this evening for the picture, I think I have quite enough!

I always hear people on Youtube complain about how the refills do not last very long. That has not been my observation, although I must admit I do not use them for sustained writing, like in my journal or writing letters. I use them mostly in my planner. But I have not found they dry out super quick. Which doesn’t explain why I have so many refills LOL.

Sliccis do not seem to be as popular as the Coleto multipens. The maximum barrel number is three for the Sliccis, which for the Coleto you can get up to five. Each has a slightly different filling system, and I suppose it is easier to tell the colours in a Coleto because of the plastic, coloured fin with which you engage the ink. For the Sliccis all of the fins are clear and they are built in to the pen; you insert the ink refills into the fin mechanism. But there is a window through which you can see the colour so really it’s a matter of which aesthetic you prefer. I like them both. And each pen costs between $2 and $7 and the refills range from $1 to $5 each.

So should I continue with the Coletos? For the five barrel there are five colours to choose from: white, silver, black, blue and pink. I have blue and silver. I like the five barrels because they seem like the most practical choice; more ink at your fingertips. I also have one four barrel and one three barrel. I think the same colours are available in each. I certainly won’t be buying 15 pens but I may want to have all five colours in one of the barrel sizes. From a collector’s point of view it makes sense but from a practical point of view…..

Anyone use Coletos and/or Sliccis? Which do you prefer? Should I go for the set? 🙂