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So Friday was Fountain Pen Day, celebrated on the first Friday of November around the world since 2012. I gave away some Zebra V301s (which I talked about here) to get into the spirit of things, and I treated myself to a Pilot Metropolitan. Brian Goulet of Goulet Pens raves about these pens so I decided to pick one up and see for myself.


I’ve read a few reviews and watched a few videos and this pen is very popular. It’s great value for the price point (I paid $18.75 on Amazon). It came with a squeeze converter which I have never used before and a Pilot cartridge in black.


The cartridge is proprietary of course, which I knew before purchasing. I think the design of the pen is quite striking – the cigar shape and the understated styling. The section is black but the rest of the pen is silver.  I chose to finally try one of my samples from Wonderpens that I purchased earlier this year: Private Reserve Avacado (sic).


Here’s a closeup of the squeeze converter, sitting on my ink journal entry. I’m not sure how I feel about the squeeze converter; I’ve read that the converter, if filled properly, can hold up to 1ml of ink, which allows for a long writing experience. But that has not been my experience; I get to page 4 or so and the pen runs dry. It’s probably a problem with me not filling it properly as I’m new to it. It could also be the bottle from which I filled the converter; it’s a sample bottle and a particularly small one so it is probably not the best vessel to use for such a converter. If there is a problem with my converter I will switch to the cartridge. I can always fill that cartridge with an ink syringe if I do not want to purchase more cartridges.


I really love the ink colour. Such a vibrant, sunny green. And the Metropolitan is a real joy to write with. It started up right away with no skipping. I’m really pleased with it and agree with the majority that this is an excellent starter pen or just a really good workhorse addition to any line up.

I’ve been writing in my Winnable journal with this pen, and I’ve found myself getting really frustrated with the lack of a bookmark in the journal cover. So I added one. I had to mutilate a Coronation Street lanyard I’ve never used as I seem to have thrown out all my ribbon. I had a lot of fun with my hot glue gun (I secretly love my hot glue gun and am constantly thinking of opportunities to use it!) and I’m really happy with the result.


I glued the end of the ribbon onto the inside of the journal cover and looped it around a broken pin I’ve not had the heart to throw out.


I love pewter pins and this one reminds me of fishing villages at home.

So that’s my new pen and my Sunday Craft project. 🙂