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I LOVE this post on Sharing Our Notebooks by Penny Kittle: My Writing Notebook is Always With Me. The picture she shares of her notebook shelves remind me of my own, although I am still in the multi-coloured phase of my notebook accumulating. And don’t miss the charming video; it’s a must see for journallers and wannabe journallers. Fantastic stuff.

Another inspiring post on Scription called Everyday Inspirations Through Putting Yourself in Hardship, is it Necessary? Thought-provoking post on our “treasures” and the difficulty of letting them go. I love this quote especially:

If your body carries a soul, your notebook should carry your mind.

And finally if you haven’t seen SBRE Brown’s Fountain Pen Day video, head over to his blog right now and watch it. The herald and champion of our deep-rooted love of fountain pens has done it again. And enter the giveaway while you are there!

Happy writing everyone!