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Just Sow and Sew is ordering a new planner, one that I’ve never heard of. I must check it out. Love the colours.

I have not yet backed a Kickstarter project but I am sure tempted to back this one. Keep Me Posted: Tiny Tales Delivered by Mail is a delight to look at and would be wonderful to receive. For only $32 you can enroll and receive this tiny children’s book in installments over the next three months. Enchanting!

And now for something a little more serious. This article by Tim Hoch for the Matador Network is thought-provoking and makes me a little uncomfortable. All of us can identify with at least one of his ways. I’m probably going to write this in my journal and discuss it with myself.

Lose your script. Let someone else star once in awhile. Welcome new characters. Embrace plot twists.