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Today I wanted to show you some notebooks and ink I received for Christmas from my husband’s side of the family.


Waterman ink, Peter Pauper Press bird journal, Leuchtturm 1917 pen loop, Birds adult colouring book, and The Lotus and the Lily book.

Let’s start with the bird journal. It’s from Peter Pauper Press. I love the bright colours and the birds of course.


I’m becoming quite the bird lover in my old age and I’ve wanted this one for a while.


Inside the front cover.


Here you can see the full colour birds are carried through onto the inside pages, which are cream coloured and lined. No idea yet what I will use this one for but it’s lovely. And I don’t know which journal will have the honour of receiving the purple Leuchtturm pen loop.


Next up is the Peterson Field Guide Color-In Book: Birds. I was thrilled to open this because I’ve seen other people relax while colouring in adult books and I earmarked a few on my Amazon wishlist. I thought this would be fun to do and maybe add some colour to my journal.


I’m so glad they included stickers of the actual birds; at least I have an idea of what the birds are supposed to look like.


In addition to colouring there is a ton of info about each bird so it’s educational too. I’m excited to start colouring!

I also got 3 bottles of Waterman ink. Well that’s like getting 3 bottles of perfume for me so you can imagine how amazed I was opening that present!

20150103_180331I didn’t ink up any pens with these inks but I took samples with cotton swabs to get an idea of the colour. I’ve heard so much about Serenity Blue and it really is beautiful.


And yummy Absolute Brown. Looks like chocolate!

20150104_201042And finally here is Tender Violet. I am truly blessed as I have enough ink to last the rest of my lifetime and beyond I think!

Last but not least I had been interested in The Lotus and The Lily ever since I started reading Writing Down Your Soul by the same author, Janet Conner. I enjoy her writing so now I’m anxious to finish her other books so I can get into this one.

I was very spoiled this Christmas; thank you to my amazing family!