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I am a sucker for a good review and something different. I watched The Pen Pixie’s video on the Kuru Toga mechanical pencil and I immediately went to ebay and ordered one. It has a mechanism whereby the lead is slightly rotated as you write, thereby keeping the edge at a needle point as opposed to becoming slanted on one side. I’m not even a mechanical pencil enthusiast (my sister and husband are) but I was intrigued by this. I ordered the pencil and a case of replacement leads for less than $10 on ebay.


As you can see from the packaging it’s 0.5mm and made by Mitsubishi. The all-Japanese wording doesn’t matter; you can see the diagram on the top and it shows you the rotating mechanism I mentioned. I did a writing sample and damn if that lead didn’t stay razor sharp:


Very happy with my purchase. They come in a multitude of colors and are available in packages with the extra lead and extra erasers included as well. I bought mine from nandn-japan on ebay.ca.

Since I was on ebay I decided to purchase a second pen case, a twin to one I had purchased previously. I thought I had already reviewed it but right now I can’t find the review. Anyway, I have two vinyl, zippered pen cases, with velvet lining, that each hold 12 pens. My collection of pens is growing and I’ve outgrown the one case so I ordered a second one.


The one on the left is the new one, slightly wrinkled in transit.


And here they are, filled up. Each side has 2 sets of 6 elastics, so the pens are held in two places. Then there is a velvet lined flap that goes in between, to protect the pens when the case is closed. It’s a very compact and safe way to transport a large number of pens. I found that there are some restrictions: my Pilot Plumix is a little too long to fit comfortably in this and still be able to zip it up; and when all of the pens are in it can be quite difficult to close because of the bulk. So I would say this set up is perfect for smaller, skinnier pens and not the bulkier, fatter pens.

You can spend a lot of money on pen cases and I purchased these from combinedshipping on ebay.ca for about $12 each plus $3.50 for shipping from China. They took a couple of weeks to arrive. Not real leather but a bargain for quality storage of precious cargo.

And that’s it for recent pen/paper/ink related purchases. I’m sure there will be more!