I’ve been writing letters for InCoWriMo and I’ve talked about my current pen and ink collection. 2014 seemed to be the year of buying. I’m hoping that 2015 will be the year of using.

I wanted to take an inventory of my pens and inks. So I added numbered lists to my ink journal.



It’s hard to believe my collection has grown to 31 pens! Have I reviewed them all? I will have to double check. Another fact I can record in my ink journal: date of review on the blog.

I also replaced the tabs; they were falling off in places and just didn’t look tidy. These ones look better. Not perfect because I have different-sized paper. But better than before.


And the ink list.






Now this doesn’t mean 56 bottles of ink; this list is both bottles and cartridges. Each company has its own page, and sometimes each colour has its own page, especially where I have done a large ink swatch. I like everything being organized; when a pen runs dry I can quickly find out what ink had been used.

I’ve seen other ink journals that are organized by colour. The idea appeals to me, so that I would have all the reds together, all the greens, etc. When I was trying to determine which green I wanted in my Monteverde Prima Green Swirl I was flipping all over the place. So maybe I need another section…..cross-referenced colour lists.

This ink journal will never be finished!

And while I was writing this blog post, it occurred to me I do not have a similar inventory of my notebooks. That would be a big project but the idea really appeals to me: a notebook to catalogue my notebooks!! 🙂