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In my post of April 7, 2014 I discussed my involvement with World Mail Panel Postal Surveys. I am still processing surveys for them and I’ve had to start a new journal. So I thought I would share some pages from the old journal and introduce you to the new one.

Both the old and new journals are Leuchtturm Jottbooks in purple. The first one was a lined jottbook, approximately 5.8″ (15 cm) x 3.5″ (9 cm), and lasted from March 2014 to the first week of Jan 2015. The second one is grid, approximately 8.25″ (20.75 cm) x 5.75″ (14.5 cm) in size. Because of the bigger size I’m thinking the second one will last a good long time.


One of the great things about this program is, obviously, receiving mail from all over the world. And of course said mail have stamps from their countries of origin. I really enjoy the variety of stamps I’ve received so far and I started putting them into the journal, once the suggested retaining time for each survey has expired.




Countries so far: USA, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Japan, France, Hungary, China, Spain, Britain, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, and, most recently, South Africa and New Zealand. I was delighted to see on the New Zealand postal stamp: From Middle Earth New Zealand. 🙂


In the new journal I’m putting the stamps at the back, with the intention of working my way backward. Eventually I will meet the recording pages and have to start a new notebook.


These are the recording pages. As each retaining time expires I cross out the entry, stick the stamp in my journal if it’s new, and throw the survey out. As each survey comes in, I record info on their website and then I record the number, id code, when it was received, how long I have to keep it, the transponder number, and the date of the postmark in my journal. Since I don’t keep the stamp with the entry I should probably start recording the country of origin as well. Most of the surveys come from the US.

So far I’ve never been contacted about a past survey. And I am not required to record the info in a notebook but sometimes when a bunch of suveys come in I like to have a paper record so I can keep track of those I have entered on the website and those I have not. And if a transponder goes missing (which hasn’t happened with mine as far as I know) I will have a record of when I sent it back to them.


This is where I keep the envelopes for returning the transponders, and on the left is a transponder awaiting a mate for its return trip.


I keep each survey in this expanding folder from Andrews and Blaine. I attached tabs for each month.


World Mail Panel pays me $15 a month to process their surveys. There are a variety of gift cards to choose from (I like Amazon), or you can choose to have a payment made to your PayPal account (I’ve done that too). You can also donate the money to Doctors Without Borders. It’s fun, easy and quick. You can read more about the program and register if you like at this link.

One final note: World Mail Panel sends me return envelopes with the postage already attached. I had not seen a $5 Canadian stamp before – isn’t it cool?? The owls are cute too but I LOVE the moose! 🙂