InCoWriMo 2015 ended last week. I did not do as well this year; I sent a total of 14 letters and received 7. But the whole exercise has ignited my love of letter writing once again, much to the delight of my Reply To pile (can a stack of letters feel delight? I like to think so).

All of the letters I received were lovely but a few stood out.


At top left the long yellow envelope was very interesting, and was from a brand new pen pal. Actually all of these were from brand new pen pals. I love the gold wax seal and the InCoWriMo stationery is great. I should print those out for myself next year. But the beautiful art card was the gem of the month. Isn’t it gorgeous? I can’t wait to get through my Reply To pile to these folks. I’ve written three letters this weekend so I’ll get there soon.

I hope everyone who participated in InCoWriMo this year had a blast, as I certainly did. I apologize in general to those pen pals who are waiting on a letter from me; and to the new pen pals thank you so much and I will answer your good letters just as soon as I can.

Happy writing.