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Recently I bought a couple of those fancy decorative boxes from Michael’s. One of them I’m using for finished journal storage.


I wanted them close but not taking up space on my bookshelf. I really like these boxes.


I have no idea what I will put in the other box but when I figure it out I will probably post about it.

And further in the vein of storage, I was running out of room for my received letters in an inexpensive accordion file. I thought about buying smaller decorative boxes for the letters but I wanted somehow to be able to look at them and re-read them. I wracked my brain and it suddenly occurred to me that I also have never used one of my large Phasha journals and it could solve my problem. And it did.


I thought I would put the letters in received date order and add an index to the front of the journal.


This way I can just glue the letters in as I respond to them.


It’s really working well and it’s fun to glue the envelopes and letters in. I still have a ways to go with all of the letters I’ve responded to in the past couple of years…..


It’s astonishing that these letters were bursting out of my accordion file, but seem to all fit in this shoebox just fine. I have 89 letters to glue into my journal. I’m just so pleased to finally find a purpose for my beautiful Phasha journal. I couldn’t see myself writing in it because it is so huge but it’s perfect for these letters.