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I admire the technology and the sentiment, but really, have we come to this? Note-writing robots who mirror your handwriting to write letters so you don’t have to? No. Please no.

One of my penpals told me about a custom pen she ordered from Ken Cavers. Go to his website and daydream awhile.

This article: There Is No Proper English, by Oliver Kamm, as seen in The Wall Street Journal, by way of The Times of London. I felt my eyebrows rising, along with my ire. To me it is accusing and strident; I didn’t care for being called a pedant. It caused a spirited debate on the FP Geeks forum. Here is my comment:

Ah yes I’ve had this debate when I worked with a linguist. Editors and linguists often have very different opinions on “proper” English usage; in my experience the linguist says a sentence is successful if the person is understood by another, regardless of whether the sentence follows the accepted rules of English grammar. I say you have a greater chance of being understood by another if we are both following the same set of rules. I accept that language is ever-evolving; that’s what makes it so fascinating. But a set of rules is not pedantry; rather, it is a frame for the human experience, whatever language.