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The lovely Winnie at Winnie’s Inky Fingers wrote this post about her InCoWriMo experience this year. Imagine – 55 letters written in a month! Puts my measly 14 to shame. I was the lucky recipient of one of those 55. Yours is coming soon Winnie!

Alan Turing, whom Benedict Cumberbatch played in the hugely successful Imitation Game, apparently kept a journal and it’s going up for auction next month. I find it especially touching that his friend recorded his own thoughts on dreams in the pages of Turing’s math notes.  Read this Guardian article to see if you can afford a bid!

Gosh I love this website. I really should contact them and submit some of my own pages. I loved reading Olga McLaren’s post about her Grandmother Journals. A long-time journaler, she maintains journals on each of her grandchildren, intending them to receive them on her death. A different point of view from the parent, the journals bring a unique, grandmotherly perspective to events in the children’s lives.