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Check out this post on The Spectator: The Return of the Fountain Pen by Stephen Robinson. Great article! I loved the author’s fountain pen ritual (I have a similar one) and the part about his ten year old – a fountain pen geek in the making! And of course this quote – so perfect to describe the job of editing. If only I had an armchair to sink into at work; it would never fit into my cubicle.

To sink into an armchair and make the necessary amendments — here with a broad nib Lamy in serenity blue, there with Bill Deedes’s ‘51’ in more reproachful red — was deeply soothing after days of squinting grimly into a screen.

I really enjoyed Danny Gregory’s Sketchbook Film. I am a wannabe sketch artist and I’m thinking of picking up his new book, Art Before Breakfast. I guess I have to stop telling myself I can’t draw and just start practicing…

And finally tonight here is a very sweet video about the 128 volumes of personal journals kept by W. Cleon Skousen, taped by his son Harold, in his home in 1996. Keep a journal…that’s your life.