I’ve been meaning to review this journal for a while and tonight I have finally gotten round to it. I picked this journal up at Things Remembered. They have quite a few journal offerings, and all can be personalized in some fashion. They even have those Cross journals that I love!


It comes in this nice presentation box.


The journal is available in black, blue, grey, pink and red. And it is less than $30. The cover is a nice leatherette, textured vinyl-like fabric. And the paper is Stone paper, made from bonding calcium carbonate with high-density polyethylene. It is photo degradable and compostible, collects no static charge, is acid free, has no grain, is resistant to water, grease and insects, and tears with great difficulty, according to Wikipedia. I wondered what it would be like with fountain pen ink but of course there was no way to try it in the store.

20150412_203222The clasp has a metal cover that can be engraved. This is the Clarendon font.


The journal comes with a ribbon marker and the crisp, white stone paper. It is not refillable. Because the paper has no grain, it is smoother than traditional paper. It is almost chalk-like. It gave my husband the “heebie jeebies” when he touched it, but my sister thought it was lovely. And it’s a dream with fountain pen ink and just about any other ink I threw at it.


There was no feathering but I did experience alot of feedback with the Sharpie pen. That was the only one though, as the other pens, including the Sharpie marker, glided over the paper with no resistance whatsoever. Smooth as glass. Wonderful. It seems to me this paper is meant for fountain pen ink.


There is definitely show through but no bleed through, which surprised me, especially with the Sharpie Marker.

Great paper and a very nice journal. Makes an excellent gift that can be personalized for that added touch. I realize it sounds like I work for the company or something, but I don’t. I bought this and all opinions are my own. I just wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this journal and I can’t wait to finish at least one of my other journals so I can jump into this one. 🙂