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Marelisa Fabrega has a wonderful web site: daringtolivefully.com. Her post, 119 Journal Prompts for your Journal Jar, had some really great ideas for journaling. I like the honesty prompts about the biggest lie I’ve ever told, or nobody knows….. But I think my favorite has to be the 100 Things I Love prompt. Such a good mental exercise when the world seems hell-bent on making things difficult. Check out her other posts too. Great stuff.

Mary at From The Pen Cup wrote a very moving post about the loss of two beloved pets in the same week, and how a package from SBRE Brown cheered her up a little. The power of pens and tea.

And finally a video by Erica, also known as The Nerd Journals on YouTube, of all of her filled notebooks as of the end of 2014. They just look so LOVED!!