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A couple of random things for you today: I have two new bottles of ink and I have made some progress in my Wreck This Journal, and I thought I would share.

Yesterday we celebrated my sister’s birthday by going out for lunch and then shopping at Reid’s Stationers! (She actually loves the place too; I wasn’t being selfish!) We were on an ink mission of sorts and the staff were really wonderful and swabbed a bunch of inks for us. Diamine Matador Red is really amazing; think the red flags in a bull ring, or the colour of blood – vibrant and bright. And the Sailor Jentle inks are lovely; we looked at swabs from the Colors of Four Seasons collection. My sister settled on a bottle of Yama-Dori, which is a breathtaking turquoise. We both bought bottles of Waterman Inspired Blue, and I picked up a Harmonious Green as well.


I’ve said this before but buying French ink is like buying French perfume; I feel spoiled and fancy. And in comparison with other inks it is affordable; Reid’s sells Waterman for $11. And they sell Pilot Iroshizuku bottles for $40. I will probably buy a bottle of Iroshizuku one of these days but at that price you REALLY have to love the ink. I should buy some samples from Goulet before taking the plunge.

Anyway this morning I updated my ink journal and swabbed both of these. When we were comparing swabs at Reid’s yesterday I was struck by how bright the Waterman inks are. They swabbed the bottle of Waterman Audacious Red and I know I will never buy that ink. It’s too bright and pink for my taste. But I loved the blue and green.


The blue reminds me of Bleu Pervenche by J. Herbin, which I love. It’s such a gorgeous turquoise. And the green is very close to Monteverde Green. Love them both and I know I will use them in many of my pens.

So that was yesterday, and we did a lot more than shop for ink; I didn’t get her back home until past 6pm and I picked her up at 11am! More details will follow in my post on Wednesday because I’m writing it all down in my journal. šŸ™‚

This morning I was up early (those darling cats of ours!) and I started catching up on my Youtube video subscriptions. The very first video was an update on the progress made in a Wreck This Journal. So I was inspired and for the rest of the morning I worked on mine.


I had so much fun! It was hard to “wreck” a journal in various ways but I managed it and it was great.


I actually did this, although you can’t really tell from the picture. My feet didn’t need to be wiped and they were clean as I was inside so there’s no evidence I jumped on it, but I did. I invited David to do the same but he declined. He laughed watching me do it though! As I said, so much fun.


Yup did what the instructions told me.


This was the last page I completed and I’m really happy with it. I’m feeling the effect of this journal already; much more liberated and free with journaling. Maybe I won’t be so precious with my other “fancy” journals. That’s the aim anyway. I will share more as I progress through the journals.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!