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What I’m currently using: the Paperblanks Blue Filigree journal, Winnable Executive Journal and the Believe In Yourself journal

Total pages written since last JWW post (June 17): 5

Total pages to date since project inception (Dec 11/13): 1042

Total pages written in 2015: 202

Loved using the Monteverde Crystal Demonstrator over the past few weeks but now it’s time for a new pen. Random.org says it is my Manuscript pen in black! I first introduced this pen on the blog in November of 2013 in this post. I have no idea where that other nib might be….Oh well I will clean this beauty and start using it! I’m excited; I’ve missed using this one. The pen for August will be chosen on July 29. manuscript plus accessories Purchases: I bought a dashboard, diary inserts and sticky notes from Mrs. Brimbles and they were shipped today. I will review them when a) the dashboard and sticky notes arrive and b) I figure out how to print the inserts (they were sent in a digital download instantly). Some points covered this week in my journals:

  • Saw the movie Kingsman – wow what a film. True James Bond spy stuff. I loved the style and the feel, and especially the code names being Knights of the Round Table. The best part for me was Harry Hart (or Galahad, played by Colin Firth) introducing Lee (played by Taron Egerton) to the Bond-like gadgets: the lighter that is actually a hand grenade, the bullet-proof umbrella that is also a gun, the FOUNTAIN PEN that is actually a poison dispenser. Mrporter.com were selling Kingsman swag at the time of release, but I just checked and the fountain pen (a Conway Stewart) is sold out and will not be restocked.
  • Discovered our beloved willow tree has worms. Again. Poor David will have to spray the tree. And Dad and I will pull off as many wormy leaves as we can. Fun.
  • A co-worker purchased one of the 2015-2016 Erin Condren Life Planners. They are really beautiful and incredibly well made and I was tempted to buy one myself. But I’m still using my Pocket Finsbury (imagine that!) and I really do love it. So instead I think I might purchase one of the Erin Condren notebooks; you can check them out here.

Until next week, happy writing!