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I was listening to CBC radio and heard an interview with C.D. Rose, the author of The Biographical Dictionary of Literary Failure. The book is made up of a series of blog posts about authors who failed to achieve literary success. Sounds fascinating. One thing that Mr. Rose said has stayed with me and I paraphrase: How much better to be a spectacular failure than to never try at all.

In this article by Marelisa Fabrega at daringtolivefully.com she talks about keeping a journal and trying different ways to write: Proprioceptive Writing and Morning Pages. Proprioceptive writing is the process of listening to your thoughts in a kind of slow motion so you can write them down. It is free form writing associated with ritual that shouldn’t be too structured. Morning Pages I am more familiar with, having read parts of The Artist’s Way. The Morning Pages system encourages you to take the time to write three pages, every morning, no matter what. Apparently this is easier for our brains upon waking. Either method is a great tool for journaling.

And finally if you like pencils then this YouTube channel is for you: Wood & Graphite. Enjoy!