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I have a small crystal collection, consisting of rocks and minerals that I have purchased or been given. Sometimes the crystals have found me! I’m fascinated by their rumoured magical properties and I have to admit some of them feel very powerful to me.

You can buy them in gift shops and in stores devoted to all things geological. I have pendants, bracelets and key chains. I also have a book called The Complete Crystal Handbook. I have lots of information about them from various sources and I wanted a journal to keep all of that info organized. Today I chose one and got started.

20150726_192606You might recognize this from my post of Oct 18, 2014; my good friend Dawn gave it to me for my birthday last year. When I thought about organizing the information I had been gathering on my crystals, this was the journal I thought of.


No fancy cover page; just the subject of the journal.


I added a Table of Contents although it won’t be in alphabetical order once I start adding to my collection. But at least it will have some organization.


I took pictures of the pieces I own and printed them on my LG Pocket Printer. I also have pictures I printed from my internet research which I will add later.


The purple information card is from a local store, EarthGems, which is a fantastic treasure spot for crystals and stones from all over the world. The rest of the info is what I have read online and in my crystal handbook.

So that’s my Crystals Journal. I feel better knowing my research is contained in one book, which I can read and add to as I learn more. You could apply this method to any field of study you are interested in. It’s another example of a themed journal with practical use.