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I was sent this article from observer.com by Benjamin Hardy: Why Keeping a Daily Journal Could Change Your Life. I love the author’s observation that the time spent in your journal is yours, free of anyone else’s opinion or agenda. Journaling is such a healing practice – more than we can ever know.

I literally squealed with delight when I read The Importance of a Handwritten Letter from all things stationery. A letter from Elizabeth R.! With her scone recipe! Not to mention the fact that Pen Heaven is running a Handwriting Matters campaign. So much to process! Great effort on their part. And don’t miss their blog article, Why Handwriting Matters to Us – The Exclusive Interviews. Great quote by Alex Preston:

One of the first bits of advice I give my students at the University of Kent when they’re struggling with their writing is to pick up a pen and enjoy the leisurely beauty of writing by hand. It worked for Shakespeare.

That’s it for now because I have to write all of this down in my journal! Until next week, happy writing!