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Wow, check out this beautiful handmade journal by Miss Elderberry, featured on her blog these beautiful pens. I would love to take a bookbinding course; maybe one day.

I am gearing up to make a purchase from Franklin Christoph once their A5 Medium Brown Saddleboot Notebook Covers are back in stock. And I just might include a bottle of their Midnight Emerald ink, reviewed here by The Purl Bug. Such a beautiful colour.

And finally this excellent guide to improving your life by using a pocket notebook by Trent Hamm on lifehacker.com. I love how he loves making people feel special by writing down what they say in his notebook, because he wants to remember it. He’s right, how flattering if someone whips out a notebook to capture your pearls of wisdom. No, it hasn’t happened to me either, but the thought is nice!

Happy writing!