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One of our weekly trips is to the library, usually on Saturday. And this week I noticed they had a bunch of merchandise with the Calgary Public Library logo! I picked up a few things. Then we went to Staples and Dollarama, where I picked up some more things.


I picked up a pack of 11 Sharpie Fine markers at Staples, the highlighters and page flags at Dollarama, and the “thumb thing” and blue pencil case at the Calgary Library.

The Sharpie pack was $10, a back-to-school special at Staples. I thought it was a good price judging by the fact that a pack of 5 Sharpies is $6. And this pack has some nifty colours. I did a writing sample in my journal to show you.


The Neon colours are fun but hard to see, especially the yellow. The packaging said the Neon colours  become fluorescent under black light. The regular Sharpies are vibrant and clear, just what you would expect. And the silver metallic is a lot of fun. I can see it looking great on black paper, along with the Neon colours.

The highlighters and page flags I picked up at Dollarama. I thought the highlighters were interesting because a) they are made by Zebra, the same folks who made these fountain pens, and b) they are refillable and come with a cartridge refill. How cool is that?? The refills are available on Amazon but they are not cheap. Looks like the refills cost almost 8 times what the highlighter did at Dollarama!


I tried out the pink one in my journal. There was some smearing on the fountain pen ink (not surprising) but the ballpoint ink held up very well.


Refillable highlighters are better for the environment. And the pen design is the same as for the fountain pens and I just find it so comfortable. It makes sense to me.

I was surprised to find K & Company Smash items at Dollarama. Usually they are only at Michael’s and a little pricey. This pack of vintage-looking page flags was only $1. I’m always curious about the stickiness of any page flags other than PostIts but I wasn’t disappointed with these. They stuck on very well.


Sorry for the blurry image; this must have been the 15th image I took! I just couldn’t get the focus right. But in terms of the stickiness they did not immediately curl off the page, which happens a lot, especially when buying flags from a dollar store. These ones seem a little better at sticking.

The “thumb thing” is available at the Calgary Public Library but it does not have the library’s logo on it. It is used to help your hand hold open the pages of a book.


The back of the packaging says: a thumbring to hold your book open. It’s a neat little gadget that actually works. It was $6.


Of course I couldn’t resist the Brass Pen with a clip that can be engraved. It is a ballpoint and very solid feeling in the hand. The finish is slightly textured and feels like velvet. Very smooth writer.


In the picture above the brass pen is resting against the black velvet pouch it comes in. The cost of the pen was $7.50. The pencil case contains 4 items, which are all visible in the photo above: a small ruler, a plastic pen, a pencil, and a pencil sharpener which also has an eraser.


Neat huh? The cost of the loaded pencil case was $5.

I did a writing sample in my journal, for each of the ballpoints.


To advance the ink tip the barrel of the Brass pen should be turned in a clockwise motion until the tip appears, and vice versa to retract it. It was a pleasure to use.


And here is the writing sample for the other ballpoint pen. It is much lighter than the Brass pen, being made of plastic. One click advances the tip, and another click retracts it. Nice colour ink and a very smooth writer.

It was really great to buy stuff from the library. All of the proceeds support the work they do, from programs to services to collections. The librarian who checked my purchases told me there are more items on the website. Love the bookworm earrings! And the journal, of course. She said they awarded one of their volunteers a Calgary Public Library earring and bracelet set. I can see the possibilities for Christmas presents already! 🙂