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In January of this year I purchased a Filofax Finsbury in raspberry. I was using it until mid-August. I really love this planner but it is too big for the purse I am currently using. And I thought it was high time for a change. So I purchased an 18 month pocket Moleskine in the weekly format. These have been around for ages and I’ve always liked them. I love the small format and the setup is the same as in my Finsbury: week on the left with a ruled page on the right for notes and lists.

I thought about a cover for it and thought it might fit into my BroLeatherWorks notebook cover, and it did. I have been wanting to use this cover since I got it in September 2013 for my birthday. It’s a perfect fit.


I swapped out the heavy Vade Mecum charm for a little bird which I think suits it better.


I used a file folder I had made and stuck on some inspirational stickers. I also added a Leuchtturm pen loop, in red to match the red beads on the outside of the leather holder. It holds a black 0.4 mm Pentel Slicci.


The other side of the folder holds my sticky notes, a paper clip and a small book of Shakespeare’s Sonnets, which I carry with me always. I also put a bird sticker on the front of the Moleskine planner, in keeping with the theme that seemed to be developing.


One page is devoted to each month. This makes for a very small space to write in appointments; I would prefer a month on two pages. But there is always the weeks section if these squares get full. I use a magnetic bookmark to mark the current month. I also used masking stickers to differentiate between months along the top.


The all too familiar week on one page layout. Over the years I have found this layout works best for me. I like to make lists and the ruled right page is perfect for that. Again, I use a magnetic bookmark to mark the current week.


The back folder holds page flags and another paper clip.


These are some of the fun stickers that come with the Moleskine, in the back pocket. I couldn’t figure out why you would need to remind yourself to blow dry your hair (the red hair dryer sticker) until my friend pointed out that would indicate hair appointment. D’oh! Of course it does.

So this will suit me fine, until Jan 2016. I don’t have a very busy life. The most complicated thing I have to keep track of are chiropractic and massage appointments for me and my husband. I usually book those well in advance so we can get the times we want, and the monthly spread is where I can see them all at once. The tiny squares are getting to me a little bit so I have ordered another planner that has the monthly pages over two pages instead of one. I ordered it this weekend and will write about it when it arrives. Excited! But for the next four months it will be me and my Moleskine. 🙂